Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life as of Late.

I know, I know.. I've put this post off for far too long now. But in all honesty, the thought of even writing a post has seemed overwhelming as of late.

So what's new? Well, I'm home for starters! At the end of April, Marlo and I traveled to Minneapolis, MN for our annual training weekend with Praying Pelican Missions. It was so wonderful to have those few days to transition back into American life. It was all so overwhelming... the food, technology, lack of people, cars... goats... But quite a few of our Haitian friends were at the meeting so it was priceless to have them there to help us cross the culture bridge back into American-reality. 

I got to see many of my Pelican friends and enjoy some incredible emotional de-briefing time talking with them and some much needed physical rest. I love our Pelican family. It's an incredible feeling to work with and serve alongside people who share your heart and passion for missions. To be in a room with people who "get" you. There's no need for long explanations as to why missions is important to you or how it has changed your life.. because everyone is in the same boat. We are serving and doing what we love, being the bridge between cultures and pointing all peoples to the feet of the cross of Jesus through a little hard work, an abundance of love and physical acts of service.   

After the meetings Eric and I hopped in the car and drove the 13 hours back home to good ole Cave City.

I had only been in the house long enough to see the freshly-baked, welcome home brownies sitting on the counter (thanks mom!) when I heard a chorus of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" outside. There is only one thing those Wimoweh's ever mean, my friends!! Sure enough, they were outside my door, serenading me with their beautiful voices. I shot out of the house into a mass frenzy of tears and hugs. Oh, how I missed them! 

After that night.. life has pretty much settled into our normal crazy schedule. 

I feel as if I've not stopped talking about Haiti. I live and breathe all things Haiti. I spend my days advocating for Haiti and orphans all across the globe and working to bridge the culture gap between my two homes. 

It is incredible how much my short time there has effected my entire life.

I am learning new things about myself everyday. Beliefs I have, things I want in life, etc.

All of this to say, its good to be home. 

But when do we leave again?