Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Productive weekend!

Wow! What an incredible weekend I have had!

Although last week was my birthday (for which I was sick) it was also my Rummage Sale for Haiti!
It was such a success! I raised over $1,000 for my trip which will really help with start-up costs of fundraising. (Believe it or not, it costs quite a bit to fundraise! Haha.)

So with all of the junk sold and bought, we ended the night on a high note in the Richardson household. I had so much help from my friends and SO much encouragement from the community. It was awesome to get to watch how Christ used a simple situation as a Rummage Sale to further His name. I had quite a few chances to explain PPM, HCO and my passion in life for showing the love of Christ to a needy world. Although not everyone agreed with me, most were quick to take a prayer card and commit to pray for me while I'm gone.

I also finished my board and such for my table at church! My mom helped me and it looks so cute! Complete with prayer cards, HCO information cards, fundraising return envelopes and my "Envelope Fundraiser" (thanks Nathan Rogers) where people can pick up any dollar amount 1-100 and leave it anonomously. Just from Sunday morning I had six envelopes taken! What an encouragement. I'll post a picture of it soon.

I also just mailed out my Minister Packets complete with prayer cards, HCO information, fundraising return envelopes, return presentation cards and my informational DVD. *See below. So if you are a minister and you know me (or don't know me, haha!).. Be looking for those! ;)

My informational video. Please excuse the random face..

Thanks to Eric for working late into the night on Friday to get this put together so nicely.

Also, thanks to all of you who donated above and beyond this weekend at the Rummage Sale. It was awesome to watch the support roll in. Thank you!

I have begun fasting on a more regular basis due to how easily I am becoming stressed over the lack of understanding here in Cave City for international missions. Please keep the people of Cave City in your prayers, that they may open their eyes to a world in need of love of our Savior.

The Lord is growing me through this time in a way that was unexpected. I feel as if I am learning to trust Him in a more physical sense.. to provide time, money etc. than I always have for spiritual or emotional things. Thank You Lord for Your unending faithfulness to me, even when I don't trust You as I should.

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