Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bonswa from Haiti!

It is now the second day of my precious time here in Haiti and wow! I can't even begin to write down everything I am feeling, seeing and experiencing!

I met Marlo at the Miami airport and we flew in together.. it was so great to have her with me since she's been through Haiti's customs dept. But it was the easiest and friendliest customs experience ever!
We ran the gauntlet of bag carriers and walked down the long corridor to find the two most beautiful faces waiting on us, Cassie and Almando!

They took us to Cote Plage, the church in Port where we will be staying for a while and then treated us to a nice dinner out. We then tried to get some sleep even though there was a major party going on in the street.

Today we were up at 5 headed to church at Cote Plage. We got ready and joined with the Haitians to worship the Lord! Talk about some beautiful singing! It was a thrill to get to be there. Church was over around 9 and so then we headed to north and spent the rest of the day at the beach and Club Indigo.

I am so excited to finally be here, taking this first week to settle in and get to know the culture, ministry sites and people we will be working with. Keep me and the team in yours prayers this week!

And as my wise husband left me with this, I will leave you with it as well..

In all things, remember that the Lord is our COMFORT and GUIDE. What a powerful thing to hold fast to!

In His love,

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