Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauti-fy HCO!

So one of our small(er) projects for the boys is a week that we like to call, "Beauti-fy HCO."

This is a week full of making changes that help to clean up the property and just make everything more beautiful overall.

One of our "post-it goals" that stay up on our refrigerator just reads PICTURES! There aren't many decorations that have stayed up for very long...this due to the 40 wanna-be professional futbol players/gymnasts/rock-stars/wrestlers/models and well... the 40 rambunctious boys who play their hearts out everyday and couldn't care less about decorations. But, we are girls...

So we made it our goal to get some color and decorations up on some of the walls for them. After much deliberation and scaling down the outlandish ideas we had (pottery-day, poster size photos and chalkboard walls..) we decided on this:

A clothes-line picture wall!

You can imagine the boys' surprise as Marlo began hanging the line in the hall.. "You have that many clothes?" "You need a new clothes-line?" etc. But after the project was finished they loved it! And we do too.

Now we have lots of beautiful faces to look at down that long hallway!

I hope this post finds you happy and well! Love from Haiti!

P.S. Can you imagine 40 young boys and a pottery-day? We are definitely not mother-material! Haha!

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