Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can't.. Stop.. Blogging...

So tonight as I was standing over a huge pot of boiling spaghetti, pondering life and other things.. it happened yet again... I felt the intense desire to blog! About what you ask? Well...

Every so often (like, atleast once a week) it seems as though God orchestrates these beautiful and incredible moments... Moments where every barrier is broken down, plans fall into place, visions are brought to reality and our hearts are made full! After brainstorming, planning and connecting with teams and leadership… it is sometimes like a surge of pure energy that can take over a room. Like making the winning shot at the buzzer, hitting every note in a solo or even finding out you got the job!  Marlo and I normally run around in circles, sing really loud or something to that affect to get it out of our system. ;)

This happened today while I was cooking and some of my friends were setting up a trip in the next room. I knew exactly what was happening and that "the moment" was coming... every few minutes their voices would get louder, energy was slowly filling the apartment and it was like the Spirit was in the room! Then it happened. The phone call ended and it was an eruption of joy! Passionate praises to the Lord! Excitement, passion, love!

This "moment" is something that I’ve been trying to describe in my journal for about a month. It was so neat to be a “fly on the wall” and experience it in third person.

I believe fully that the Lord has a hand in every conversation and blessing that comes to us here in Haiti. It is incredible to watch how these moments are totally planned by Christ. 

Blessings are truly being poured out here in Haiti! Our minds are being blown by the compassion and financial support for this country and the needs of its people! Praise the Lord and thank you all!

Be in prayer for Eric and I (yes, Eric is going to be here in 2 days! 2 days!) as we spend this next week leading a mission team in Grambouchi, Les Cayes. This is the team that will be helping Admise and her family that I mentioned in a previous post. Be in prayer for the community of Grambouchi and the work we will be doing there. This is our first team to ever be serving in this area, so we are excited to watch how the Lord will work through us! 

Be blessed!

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