Sunday, March 25, 2012

Looks Who Was Here!

Well if you've been keeping up, you know that my husband Eric was in country for 2 weeks! I wanted to take some time and update on our time together. I'll try to keep the mushiness to a minimum. :)

He arrived late on Friday, pasty and overwhelmed and cute as can be! I was so excited to see him I ran halfway down the breezeway (which is against the rules) but thankfully, the security was understanding and just smiled at my emotional self.

Right after arrival!

 After meeting and loading up we went straight for the good stuff... Passionfruit Juice. Yum!

We spent the next week leading a team in Grambouchi, Les Cayes, Haiti. It was an incredible week! (I have other posts about this week if you would like to read further.)

This is us before church.. a little more tan. ;)

After that trip I took the week off and we spent time doing our favorite thing, talking. The Lord is opening up so many doors for us and we are so excited to see where He takes us!  Our future is wide open!

Talk about making my heart happy! My two favorite people in one picture! Marlo and Eric were destined to be friends.. the sheer amount of corny sayings that are spoken when in a vehicle with the two of them is absolutely unbelievable!  I love them! This is at The Lookout... in the background is all of Port-Au-Prince with the sea on the left and the mountains on the right. Beautiful!

Eric at the Lookout. 

Us at the lookout being totally photobombed by Marlo... see, I told you they are the same person!

Us at Life is Hope Orphanage.. excuse the precious Haitian baby arm.

And our final picture on the way to the airport. We had an excellent two weeks serving and connecting! I am so thankful that the Lord gave me a man like Eric. I'm forever thankful that he understands my heart and my calling to be here in Haiti. And I'm amazed by his support and continual encouragement. He's my rock and my best friend. He's just awesome.

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