Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love, Love, Love.

It had been TOO long...since I had been with my boys!

Marlo and I started back our "normal" routine at HCO on Sunday and wow, was it awesome! Driving up in the car, Marlo, our friend Rachou and I were nearly jumping out of our seats with excitement. For me, it had been nearly 2 weeks since I had seen them! And as soon as we began driving up, the boys began running to the car, waving, smiling and yelling our names. Wow. Is this how a mother feels? When seeing a child run to YOU because YOU are what they are excited about, brings you to tears? Well gosh, everything brings you to tears? Maybe that's why my mom always cried so much.... ;)

(And I'm not even their real mother!)

It of course, reminds me of the love of our Father. How desperately He craves and delights in our love! When we spend long periods of time apart from His presence, all He wants is us to return to Him! He is the God of all, He doesn't need our love. And yet, He wants it! He wants us to desire and crave Him and RUN to him with all we have! Drop what we are doing and delight in His presence. What an incredible God.

Have you been apart from the Lord for too long? Go to Him now! Run to Him! Allow the one who created you to delight in your love!

Plus, if He's anything like me... He'll probably cry.. a lot. ;)

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