Friday, February 24, 2012

Crafty Productivity and Bible Studies

Hey friends!

I think Marlo and I learn new things about each other everyday, which is turning out to be incredibly fun and interesting.. and at times hysterical.

Examples from this week: Bethany is not good at driving a stick-shift, Marlo is an excellent encourager. Marlo talks in her sleep. Bethany laughs at Marlo talking in her sleep. And Bethany needs organization and Marlo could be a psychologist.

So after sitting down and making out our schedule for the coming weeks, which are going to be really busy, my OCD-tendancies were surfacing and I needed to get organized. This always seems to manifest in two ways in my life, lists and crafts!

Since Marlo and I are both visual people, we had a lot of fun making our new refrigerator decor!

And as you can see, we have one idea that is already complete! Our weekly Bible Study with the boys. This was an idea that was kind of there from the get-go.

We have a wonderful, godly, Haitian man named Walle Jeanty who is working with us and he led an awesome study about having a personal relationship with Christ. The boys were incredibly receptive and attentive, we were so impressed!

One of the older boys led worship and another played piano. These boys can sing! It is so beautiful to listen to all of them sing at the top of their lungs. Here in Haiti it isn't like in the States, everyone sings loud and all the time. There is rarely a moment here at HCO that you can't hear at-least one person singing. I'm so in love with that part of the culture here! I don't ever plan on changing back, I'm going to be that "weird lady" in the States who sings everywhere she goes!

But we took some time to explain to the boys why were are here, who we are and that we are here long term. The look on their faces when I explained that Marlo would be here for a year was absolutely priceless! After our study was over, the joy of that news quickly filled the entire orphanage. The boys wouldn't go to sleep and just kept singing on into the night. And many of the boys were asking if we could have Bible Study every night! Whoa!

We are excited to continue this routine and to minister to these boys in this way. Please keep them in your prayers and pray for us as we prepare for next weeks lesson.

In Love and Singing!

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