Friday, February 10, 2012

Homesickness Times Two

With me being an emotional and passionate person, I knew I would deal with a vast range of emotions during my time here in Haiti. I knew I would go through heartache, loneliness, joy and fulfillment as well as many other emotions... And I felt prepared for the homesickness that would come with leaving my husband, friends and family.

In the past month, I've felt (and still do feel) all of those emotions. But it has been incredible to watch how the Lord has strengthened me and my dependence on Him! How He has filled my soul during those times with peace, comfort and strength.

One thing that I wasn't quite as prepared for was my emotions with HCO. Marlo and I have spent some time here at Cote Plage again this week to help Cassie and Almando get ready for their wedding. (Which is tomorrow! Congrats guys, we love you!) As I began searching out my heart and figuring out why I felt so strange, I realized my heart was longing to be at HCO! Even just the short week we spent there was enough to make me fall head over heels in love with that place and the boys. My mind continues to work constantly on ways to build relationships, programs for day to day life, ideas for education, helping them learn the language, building character, establishing responsibility, etc. Like Marlo said, "I see their faces in the kids on the street, the kids here at school.." in short, I'm homesick for HCO!

One thing Eric (my husband) told me the day I was leaving was "just please come home.." I remember thinking, "haha, that won't be a problem." But as always, he knows me all too well.  Now I think to myself, "How can I ever leave this place, these boys?" This ministry is the core of who I am.

Thank You Lord for the work You have set before me! I pray You never give up on convicting me to follow Your will, my heart is open. My life is Yours!

I thought I would share some pictures that we took the other night for fun. The older boys wanted to take pictures for "Heewick" (Eric) and these are (some) of the outcomes of that night.

.Marlo and some of the guys.

Sa a se fanmi nouvo nou!

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