Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Packing and Friendship

Today was a rather relaxing day! (For me anyway) We got to pack up all of our stuff and do some deep cleaning, which always puts me in a good mood. We are moving to the HCO grounds tomorrow! Praise the Lord!

Marlo and I started the morning with our Bible studies and breakfast and then began getting to work. Throughout the day we got to spend some good quality time talking about our expectations of living in Haiti, serving in Haiti and about the future! It was so incredible to compare our desires, overall visions and excitement!

I remember praying before I came down on this trip for Marlo and I to become good friends and for the Lord to bless our friendship. Boy, is He smiling now! He knew exactly what He was doing.

A good 'ole Tennessee girl, Marlo gets my southern accent (even-though I don't have one!) ;) and even some of my "country" sayings. (Who knew I was so country?) She gets my off-the-wall humor and yes, even my Lord of The Rings references. (I know.. awesome, right?) She has an incredible life story of growing up in Zaire and in the U.S. with two very loving parents and a host of (seriously beautiful) siblings. Her life-story is inspiring and amazing, to say the least. She is an incredible person inside and out who loves the Lord and wants to be used by Him in every way.. She is staying here in Haiti for an entire year! What a commitment!

We are so excited to begin living at HCO and getting to deepen our relationships with the boys there. It is encouraging just how similar our passions are and yet, how different our interests are. It seems as though the Lord paired us up to compliment each other... but He's pretty great at the whole "exceeding our expectations" thing isn't He?

I am filled with so many emotions as February is now here! One month in Haiti! I am so excited to be here, serving and living out my heart! It's awesome to hear of all of the new support that the Lord is providing! Thank you everyone who has sent up prayers and sent in finances on my behalf! 

Be in prayer for Marlo and I as we begin living at HCO and getting to deepen our relationships and start learning about the boys and the needs at the orphanage.

In His love!

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  1. Yay!! I'm sure you will love it there! I am thankful that God sent both you country girls to Haiti I hope to meet Marlo some day. I love you!