Friday, April 13, 2012

Berftani, I LOVE your fat!

Yep, I have decided that the time for this post has arrived. I've debated posting it at all because frankly, in America, we are all way to self-conscious and overtly obsessed with weight and make it a very personal issue. And well, this post could make some people rather uncomfortable I guess. But after further thought, I decided that it just needed to be done.

Before I came to Haiti.. I was more of the American mind-set than the Haitian one.. fat = ugly / fat = beautiful. However, after hearing "Whoa, you're SO fat!" for approximately 3 1/2 months now.. I've gone Haitian. Like, really.

I started loosing weight about 6 months ago mostly due to becoming a vegetarian over a year ago. I'm actually down 40 pounds and feeling great! But that's another post all-together. One thing I know is I've come to love myself for who I am and I am finally, for once in my life, comfortable in my own skin. I am confident that the Lord can use even me and my "not ideal" body for His glory! Thank you Haiti for showing me how to love my "true" beauty!

I've had many hilarious instances with the boys and just random people on the street talking about me and how "beautiful" I am... But my two all-time favorites thus far are:

Marlo and I were sitting outside playing with the boys and G came over to be and punched me in the arm.
G:  "Whoa, Beftani (he actually leaves out the "r") you aren't as fat today! But.. you're still SO fat!"
Me: "Well, thanks G. You're always so sweet."
G: "Really though, you're FAT!" (poking me dramatically in the arm at this point)
B: (one of our middle age boys) angrily tells G to stop and looks up at me with the biggest puppy-dog eyes in the world and says, "Berftani, I LOVE your fat! I love my mom and my mom is fat!"

He'll pass all of his Logic classes in college, that's for sure! Oddly enough, I almost cried it was so sweet.

And second was at another orphanage we work with called Life Is Hope. One of my "constants" from that orphanage is a little boy of 5. No words were exchanged in this occurrence. But pictures say a million words right?

My drawing of us

Soson's drawing of me
I mean, give a girl a complex will you?

So with all of that said, I hope you found some joy and laughter amongst the funny things that kids say and do. It's these kids that are my joy. They are so hilarious and awesome to be around. And I guess the fat-love is just an added bonus! 

Thank You Lord for loving me no matter what I look like! For using me despite the world's view of me, in any way. 

To my readers, remember to love yourself for who you are! There is no one out there in the world who is perfect and the Lord loves us the way we are! Embrace yourself and get comfortable in who God called you to be. He loves using our imperfections to display His perfection! Our weakness are avenues to SCREAM His strength! Allow Him to use you!

Be blessed!

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  1. Aw! I was actually really surprised to read this post.
    I think you are so pretty, Bethany! I have seen photos of you and never thought of your weight being an issue. :)
    I think that women struggle with that a lot though.
    I know that I do the same. :/
    It is a wonderful feeling knowing that the Lord loves who we are, not what we look like on the outside.
    Congrats on losing 40 pounds, girl!! :)
    I look forward to chatting with you soon!