Saturday, April 21, 2012

HCO Artists!

This is Samuel. He is one of our special needs boys from the house. He is a wonderful kid in need of love and understanding and has the incredible ability to steal your heart is 5 minutes flat.

One thing that Samuel does to fill his time and keep his anger in check is make things. He is always creating things from the most random of items! He is a true, Haitian, much younger and better looking,  MacGyver.

One of his frequent creations: Kites.

Items used: 
String, diligently unraveled from a coconut sack we threw out.
             Wood, sticks off the ground
                   Plastic, pieces of plastic bags we threw out
                   Decorations, strips of fabric and such that are not useable thrown out by the grounds      Tailor.

He also makes musical instruments, like this Kazoo out of a plant.

Items used: 
Root/Stem of plant
Piece of old plastic
String from old Kite
(Teeth I suppose for cutting the hole) ;)

And of course, his trusty water-bag-animals. My favorite is the "pig."

Items used:
Water Bag

And then just him being a typical boy, making scary masks to run around in, screaming at people in the dark. Typically resulting in a punch to the arm or gut and him needing a visit to the band-aid station. 

Items used:
Paper Plate
Old string

I love that he uses nothing other than his mind and his hands and gets the job done, beautifully. I love his imagination and creativity, so much of it has been lost in the world today!

He uses 100% recycled or natural items.. Mostly from our trash or leftover items we don't want. I think he should be given an award or something! I feel like he would freak out if he ever got his hands on Pinterest. Ha!

I'm a little proud, can't you tell? ;)

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