Friday, April 6, 2012

Update on Admise!

Good news on this Good friday my friends!

Progress is being made in Granbouchi! Marlo, Cassie, Almando and I took some time to head out to Les Cayes today and check in on Jean Delcy and the village. After chatting and re-uniting we headed out to Admise's home. The walls are all plastered and sanded, the porch is done and the column is finished! (sanded and supporting weight)

Up-close of the plaster and finished windows. 

   This is the front view standing at the right.

 Right side of the house. 

 Another view of the right side and column.

 Admise and I

 Up-close of column

Papi wishes everyone well!

We spent some extra time praying over Admise and her life, looking at the new garden she's started and all the plants she's planted around! Thank you team for all your work and donations, you're radically changing this woman's life!

The work is still being done and will continue to be done even after I'm gone! Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness!

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