Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Living here at HCO for 3 months has been incredible. It's the simple things that I love...the routines:

Wake up, cook breakfast while the boys get ready for school outside the window. Say good morning.
Send the boys off to school.
Office work until 2.
After the whistle, eat lunch with the boys downstairs. (Share a bowl with a boy.) Talk about school.
After lunch, talk with the little boys about school. Time to nap.
After nap, head to the ball court to watch the big boys play sports.
Head up to the house around 7:30/dark for showers, dinner snack and prayer time.
Prayer, singing, hugs and kisses.
Good night to all!

My favorite time of the day: Prayer.

Hearing our boys lift their voices in song is incredible. I've been trying to capture it on my phone for what seems like an eternity. I simply cannot do it. It always seems as though something comes up to thwart my plans. But mostly, you just cannot capture how beautifully they sing. It is breath-taking.

But tonight I captured a few small clips of them. It's not much, but it can give you an idea of how awesome they are. They sang in English and in Creole for us tonight. It was wonderfully beautiful.

More Love, More Power

More Love continued... and Let it Rain

The audio distorts some and the harmonies sound off, but in real life they are not. It is perfect. You'll just have to come hear it for yourself! ;)

This is the sound of the new generation. Full of Christ, pushing out Satan and his forces!

What an incredible daily life I live, thank You Lord.

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