Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You mean, you WANT a manicure?

After spending 3 months with boys, a girl has got to take a little time to well.. just be a girl! So I decided after looking at my marble-playing, banana-peeling, all-around grungy nails that it was time for a manicure!

I walked outside and what did I see? Three of our older boys, giving themselves pedicures. I think my jaw hit the concrete. I saw this as an opportunity for those 80 little dirty hands to be cleaned as well. So I asked! And...

Yep, 40 boys.. and they all want manicures. Marlo insists that this is real life. I don't believe so, I mean.. to have boys that want me to do their nails? Double score.

After explaining to them that in America most boys don't get manicures, they concluded that American boys are dirty.. Hahahaha! So awesome!

So thankfully I got to get in a little bit of "girl" time and spend some precious moments with each boy (and a few girls).

"Mom, why would you clean our nails without pay?" (They insisted on paying me!)
"That's a silly question... because I love you."
"Well, I love you more... so tomorrow I'll do your feet!"
                    - Gee, 11 years old

Yep, best kids ever.

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