Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jeanty, the History Buff.

Hello friends!

Today we took the day off and visited the Sugar Cane History Museum. It was so beautiful! The tour guide was out-to-lunch so Jeanty (Wally) filled in for him. We had so much fun and learned a lot!

Small model of old cannon - 1804
Neg Maron, symbol of freedom -

French influence Haitian style.
Influence of Buddha
Jeanty teaching us how to use a sugar cane press.
Old Water Mill from Montorious - Looks like home!
The P.C.S. train car from "The Railroad" - we drive this road 24/7.
My sweet Marlo and I.

Jeanty chasing the train.
Jeanty and I.

The museum was an overall history of Haiti as well as the process ad importance of utilizing sugar cane. We toured the Distillery and learned all about the way that the sugar cane was processed by hand.

I'm continually amazed at the ingenuity of these people. They can take an random old object and make it a masterpiece. It's incredible. Walking around made me think of my hometown of Cave City, AR and Mountain View AR, where Eric and his family are from. I've always taken such a pride in the "old" way of life where we live. From soap-making to homesteading.. I've always been drawn to replicate that lifestyle and keep it alive. Now, don't give me all that war history.. but tell me a story about my great-grandmother and her prized sorghum recipe and I'm all ears. Like at home, hearing about the rich history and way of life here in this country is amazing. Even thousands of miles away, the same ideas are on display and evidence proves that at some level, we are all the same. (Seriously, whiskey barrels, coal-heated metal iron's, manual plows, wooden carved pipes and old typewriters... Haiti's has them too!)

Thank you Jeanty for your entertaining guide through the museum. I think you deserve a tip!

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