Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter, Celebrating Life!

Every Easter is special. I mean, our Father came to the earth to die for our sins and on this day, we celebrate His resurrection! So, rightly so.. it is special.

But this Easter was just a little bit more special it seems. Maybe it is just that I am on the mission field and dealing with so much spiritual warfare, that proclaiming this victory over sin and the grave world-wide and with millions of others in the world, was just what I needed.. but I don't know.

It is hard being at the new church here on the grounds and not understanding the message, words or songs. Even though we are getting fairly good at the language, there is still so much we cannot understand and we are often worn-out after church. So we spent time this morning in worship, prayer and digging in the story of Christ together, just Marlo and I. I read through the book of John and the story of Easter and spent time dwelling in the beauty and magnitude of the cross. I want it to be renewed in my mind with the morning, every morning. Lord this is my prayer!

Knowing that on a typical Easter, I would have family gatherings, breakfast with my church, time with my friends, food and such.. I couldn't imagine spending this Easter any other way -- in celebration of the life of our LORD and in the life He has given us! In celebration of our VICTORY through Christ, our Savior!

So after prayer, worship and such.. (and after an almost-broken-arm accident) Marlo and I spent time with the boys.. precious, Christ's-love infused time.
We began with listening to music and drawing with the younger boys.  After drawing, we hung up all the pictures in the kitchen area. Isn't it adorable? They did such a good job!! We had so much fun having a relaxed morning, quietly listening to worship music and teaching the words to the boys, explaining Christ and His life!

With the older boys though, we took a change of pace. They were excited to get to spend some time "alone" without all the younger boys to take the spotlight. (Cause let's be honest, those little hands just get hung on to more often.) They brought in speakers for my computer and we worked while jamming out to Family Force 5, Hillsong, Committed and other Christian artists. We sang, taught lyrics, laughed and well.. you'll see later. ;)

We decided teaching 20 year old boys to bake is one of the most hilarious things, well.. ever! The oldest boys took care of the ingredients, following instructions and baking. While the "middle" boys rolled out all 100 cookies! They worked so hard and were so proud of the finished product.

Kenly looks like a mad scientist with all those ingredients!

Gerald and Moise getting serious about mixing.

Me, Lover, Kenly, Marlo (with a cookie face) and Moise showing off the final product!
And we might have had a flour/egg war.. :)

All in all, today was an awesome day. My prayer is that our time spent with the boys today, will be memories that will last for years to come and that they will take away the ultimate reason why we can celebrate life today: love.

Christ came to this world for us. For us. Not for fame, possessions, money, happiness or anything other than to save us from a lost and dying world. His love is what took Him to the cross and kept Him there. His love for us.

Take a minute and let that sink it. Has anyone in your life ever given you a greater gift? The sacrifice of their life? Willingly?
I know for me, it has only happened once. The man's name was Jesus and His sacrifice radically changed the outcome of my life. I will never forget this sacrifice! Lord, I will never forget Your love for me!

I pray that these boys will see the love of Christ through Marlo and I. That our love goes beyond seas, distance, culture, racial differences, beliefs, rights, wrongs, sins or anger.. that our love is here and is here to stay. Why? Because that is the example set before us by Christ. His love for those who did Him wrong, sinned, persecuted Him and ultimately killed Him, kept Him on the cross. So we could have a hope and a future! What an incredible God. What an incredible Father.

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